Do you want your business to grow?

Well, absolutely, you do… what business would ever want to stop growing?

It’s how you expand your business, take on new employees, gather enough clout to partner with bigger organisations and other huge dreams you have in mind

The Real question is —– How do you grow your business?

There are countless marketing tactics and strategies available on the internet, so which one of them do you trust to take your business to the next level?

Where do you focus your time and resources?

Let’s take a look at digital marketing agencies for example. They manage your online presence., create buzz about your product and get you your competitor’s share of customers.

How does that convert into real and sustainable growth for your business?

The reality is that digital agencies will NEVER take the time to help your business define its true north.

Do you realize how important this is? making the “why” something that truly matters! Yet…most businesses never get past their basic value proposition to potential customers.

This is not to discount digital marketing and the power it wields for your business. We fully understand the importance of being visible online.

Take a look at the screenshot below:


We rank first for that search term ahead of Amazon.

SEO is another highly competitive keyword to rank for. It doesn’t matter if you use long-tail or single keywords. It’s difficult..period.

BUT we rank second for the keyword “how to do SEO for a brand new website”


Take away two words “how to” and we rank fourth.

All of this without spending a dollar on adverts.

We get it.

What we are saying, is that it’s not “a one solution fits all”. Online marketing is not all there is to build a sustainable, scalable business.

So what do we do?


When we take you on as a client, we work with you and your team to plan and execute your growth strategy.

First, we build a tribe around your product

People don’t like ads…Fact 1

Which is why we have a tactic, to educate, inform, inspire, entertain and support your target audience AND at the same time sell to them.

Second, we help you build a scalable growth system

Do you have a growth marketing strategy?

If you don’t, it is what we are here for. We will NOT do it for you. Rather, we will work with you and your team to formulate, test and refine your growth marketing strategy.

Third, we will help you build a team that can execute

Keyword…Sustainable growth.

Your growth should not depend on us. And so we build the capacity of your team so they can execute repeatedly long after our contract has ended.

As you can see, we know our stuff.

This is the main reason we have been able to work with fantastic brands, like the ones below:


We can tell you the work we have done with these guys is impressive, but you should probably hear it from them:


So the real question isn’t if we can help your business grow …it’s whether or not we can work together and be a good fit.

We will focus on what we are only good at which is helping your business grow

SO…if you want to work with us, here’s what you need to do.

Step 1:

Don’t hesitate, do this now!

Start by clicking on this link

You’ll be directed to our Wedogrowth website where you can book a free strategy session with us.

It’s not automatic. You have to answer a brief series of questions about your business.

We just need the basics of your business to determine if we can work together.

Step 2:

Click on this link to get your free strategy session

Our initial call will be within 15 – 30 minutes. This is where we map out what your business needs and how we can make that happen.

At that point, if we are convinced there is some value in working together, great! If not, at the very least you will have gotten some free advice for your business

Click to get your free strategy session and we’ll be in touch ASAP

Growth is the only essential thing you need to be a startup. Startups are created to grow fast. Everything else that happens within a startup is a derivative of growth.

Everything – ideation, product validation, product management, team building, fundraising – follows from growth. Without growth, early stage startup is just a small business losing money.

That is why founders are encouraged to focus on one metric – the one that matters. This is because, as a startup, your limited resources are a deterrent to wasting your time trying different things.

Depending on your type of business, growth will mean different things to different startups. And your one metric that matter changes over time. Getting rid of distractions enables you to focus your already limited resources – people, time, and money – on the one thing that moves the needle.

What is the one thing that signifies that your business is growing at a particular point in time?

In the beginning, growth for a lot of startups has more to do with user acquisition and engagement than revenue. The advantage of defining your growth metric is it tells you the most important thing about your startup and how should drive it.

You need to consider the followings when choosing your growth parameter.

1. Your business model

The way you monetize your product is an indication of the value that will be created by your business. It’s not always about the money, but revenue metrics provides a standard benchmark for growth metrics.

2. How you acquire your customers

The rate at which your products gets into the hands of users is a substantial measure of how scalable and successful your product can be. Inherent in the DNA of startups is the ability to build products that have the potential of being ubiquitous and viral within a short time frame.

That is why most startups are tech-enabled companies because technology enables innovation not just in the way products are made, but how they are distributed. You can measure your growth based on metrics such as unique web visits, page views, app downloads, partner signups, user signups, conversion rate, churn rate, etc.

3. The stage of your business

The stage of your company will determine what to focus on. Early stage business should be obsessed about metrics that validates their product-market fit more than mid or late stage companies.

In the beginning, your growth metric is based on time-based milestones you need to reach such as partnerships, signup at a particular time, user signup rate, number of feature releases, etc. It is important that you wrap this with specific numbers as much as possible to measure progress.

4. How you measure growth

Answering this question will help you make right decisions. Let’s assume you decide to measure your growth by the number of subscribers to your email list. First, you’ll have to optimise your product, website, app, content and every potential user interactions to grow this list.

You then measure the results of all your actions on a regular basis against this metric. You hold yourself and your team accountable with data and see whether you are making progress or not. You deep dive into all your acquisition channels to identify where you are getting the most number of subscribers. You look at the numbers every day and experiment with various tactics and tools to see how you can grow the subscription rate.

As you focus on a particular growth metric and optimise your products accordingly, magic happens. You identify particular big hairy destinations to drive your startup towards and you can measure the how and the rate at which you are getting there. And as you grow, your goal may change, and you redefine your growth metric.

You build, you measure, you learn.  And you continue the cycle until you reach your true north.